Frost Village parish

Frost Village parish. Orthodox church. Shefford.

Few people in modern day Shefford realize the rich history of the settlement patterns of the county’s most eastern borders. They date back over 200 years and only scattered vestiges of their original presence remain. Christ the Saviour Church today still sits proudly on the site it has occupied since 1852, weathering waves of vandalism and neglect as its number of parishioners declined over the years. Two earlier places of worship, beginning in 1830, burned down. The Anglican Diocese of Montreal sold the church on October 1, 1979 (for custodial purposes) for $1, to the Canadian Heritage of Quebec.

While nothing evolved for the next several years, an emerging religion, The Canadian Orthodox Church, Archdiocese of Canada recently came to its rescue and modern enhancement. The Canadian Heritage of Quebec offered the church for one dollar ($1) to Paroisse Orthodoxe De Saint Seraphim of the Orthodox Church on November 11, 2019.

During the initial 3 years of ownership, there were several occurrences of arson and vandalism. The Archdiocese of Canada took measures to ensure the church was secure. Electricity and an alarm system were installed.

During the summer of 2022, extensive renovations were carried out by contractor and member of the church, Igor Nistor from Vancouver, installing new windows, repairing the interior, setting up an iconostas and an altar table. Subdeacon Igor said he and God worked on this project.

The church will be having services during the summer twice a month and on special Orthodox feast days.

Address: 688 CH Frost Village, Shefford, Quebec J2M 1C1
Phone number:+1(450) 834 2870.